How to order a Shimeji

The Shimeji Commissions work using slots. This means that while a slot is taken by someone, I cannot take a new commission until it's finished. Alongside my own Shimeji slots, I have a Shimeji team who work under my guidance to allow more Shimeji slots to be available from time to time.


Commission slots will be announced through either a Journal in deviantArt or on the official Discord Server, on the News Channel. A slot may also be announced via other Social Media sites such as Patreon, however the primary mode of announcement would be through deviantArt or Discord.


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  1. 133 - Evolvable Eevee
  2. Rick the Eevee
  3. 700 - Sylveon Female NSFW+

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  1. Natetheglaceon
  2. Tetsumon

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