In this page you will find Keywords we use frequently in our Shimeji language speechs. Hopefully will help you to understand better the terms.

  • Shimeji: A Shimeji is a mascot for your computer screen and can have the appearance you want. The Shimeji will move around your screen doing cute poses and animations, you can even grab them with your mouse and interact with it!
    More information about what a Shimeji is here.

  • Lite Shimeji: A Shimeji Version that instead of having 14 main actions, has 7. This Kind of Shimeji does NOT move of place unless you move it by dragging it.

  • Shimeji Action: A Shimeji Action is one of the animations that compose the Shimeji. Every DEFAULT Shimeji has a total of 14 main actions which are needed to work.

    The 14 actions of a Shimeji are:
    1. Stand
    2. Walk
    3. Fall
    4. Swing
    5. Sit
    6. Wall
    7. Spin Head (we usually let this action to be a Free Topic Action)
    8. Sleep
    9. Jump
    10. Ceiling
    11. Dangle Legs
    12. Throw Window
    13. Clone 1
    14. Clone 2

    The 7 actions of a Lite Shimeji are:
    1. Stand
    2. Fall
    3. Swing
    4. Sit
    5. Wall
    6. Spin Head (we usually let this action to be a Free Topic Action)
    7. Clone

  • Public Shimeji: A Public to download Shimeji is available to download for everybody without any kind of password. This does not mean they were free to make though. There will always be someone paying, either a Collaborative Campaign or a Commissioner. If comes from a Collaborative Campaign it will always be Public, but only after the Campaign Goal is reached.

  • Shimeji Campaign: A Shimeji Campaign purpose is to split the cost of a Shimeji between a lot of people rather than making one person pay the entire amount alone. These campaigns are usually chosen by People via Polls adding up the results from dA, Discord and Patreon. Patron votes value equal to their Pledge+1 so if you want an option to win so much you can Pledge and vote to make sure you will give lots of points to your desired option. More information can be found in the Collaborative Projects page.

  • Frame: A Frame is the smallest unit of an animation. In Shimeji terms is every single .png image inside the IMG folder and them all together compose the animations of every Shimeji Action.

  • Shime1: The Shime1.png is the very first frame that will be made of a Shimeji. This image is the one that will determine proportions, colors and everything else. It needs to be as perfect as possible because everything else will be based on it. After this image is done is when Payment usually takes place.

  • Clone / Breeding: This code allows a Shimeji to clone itself and have new copies of the same Shimeji in the screen.

  • SFW: Initials of the words Safe For Work. That is, content containing no graphic adult imagery.

  • NSFW: Initials of the words Non Safe For Work. That is the general term to refer about content containing graphic adult imagery or nudity. However, our team differentiates between two types of NSFW: NSFW- and NSFW+.

  • NSFW+-: Initials of the words Non Safe For Work Plus Minus. This is a subcategory of the NSFW general term, and doesn't need to involve genitals. This includes any kind of "questionable" content, such as pees and poos that are not cartoon, aroused genitals but without any kind of arousal action, etc. If a Shimeji contains NSFW+ stuff, it will categorized as +, not as +-.

  • NSFW-: Initials of the words Non Safe for Work Minus. This is a subcategory of the NSFW general term, and refers about content containing soft adult content like nudity or natural actions as a pee or poo but they must be made in a cartoon way to fit this category and never in a disgusting way. If these actions are super cartoon and without genitals visible won't even have the NSFW- tag, like the Arale/Digimon pink poops or the typical doggy with a leg up pee fountain happening.

  • NSFW+: Initials of the words Non Safe for Work Plus. This is a subcategory of the NSFW general term, and refers about content containing hard adult content like sexual content, gore, disturbing fetishes or similar concepts.

All these filters are in the Master List page, where you can filter results to find the Shimeji you want!

  • Free Shimeji: The Shimeji is Public, everyone can download it for free. Check Public Shimeji Keyword for more information.

  • Beta Shimeji: The Shimeji is BETA so is still a WIP (work in progress), only who has the Beta Link can download it to test it. To get access to the Beta Link you can do a donation if there is a Collaborative Campaign or to be a Patron.

  • Exclusive Shimeji: The Shimeji is EXCLUSIVE, so only those who are 5€ Patrons can access to the Password to download. Another way is to make a micro-transaction of 5€ to get the current Password of the month.

  • Not Downloadable Shimeji: The Shimeji is not downloadable at all. If you still want to download it, who has to grant the permission is the owner of the character. If you claim the owner gave you permission, you MUST show proof of that and I would still ask them to confirm if it's true before acting.

  • Male: The Shimeji is canonically considered a Male if SFW. In NSFW- and NSFW+ Shimeji this tag refers to the kind of visible genitals the character has.

  • Female: The Shimeji is canonically considered a Female if SFW. In NSFW- and NSFW+ Shimeji this tag refers to the kind of visible genitals the character has.

  • Hermaphrodite: The Shimeji is canonically considered an Hermaphrodite if SFW. In NSFW- and NSFW+ Shimeji this tag refers to the kind of visible genitals the character has.

  • Sound: The Shimeji has Sound Effects or Music available. These sounds are turnable off via menu if desired when running the files.

  • Shiny Chance: The Shimeji has Shiny Chance code. So while running it, there is a % chance that a different coloration of the character appears when cloning. The % of the chance can be determined in the coding. This is usually for Pokémon color variations but can be applied to any character. An example of this could be any Pokémon having an action showing an Egg hatching, and from that Egg we could get a normal clone or a different colored clone (a Shiny clone).

  • Outfit Variation: The Shimeji has different Outfits available. So you can choose which variation do you prefer. This is NOT a transformation per se, is more like an alternative skin variation you can summon from the settings if not available by default. An example of this can be Yoshi and its multiple color variations. They are not related between them with code, you can choose from the start which color versions you want to run.

  • Transformation: This code allows a Shimeji to transform from a form to another. So while running it, there is a % chance that the character will transform into another character. This change is permanent unless there is another action to transform back. Transformation is usually used in Pokémon or Digimon characters that evolve, but is also appliable in changing clothes actions or other kind of physical changes.

    - Example 1: Pokémon Evolution. A Pikachu Shimeji can be linked to a Raichu Shimeji via code, allowing the Pikachu to use one of the actions to permanently evolve into Raichu and staying in that form, doing all the actions as Raichu from then on.

    - Example 2: Clothing. A character that has specific clothes and quits/changes them in an action can stay with the new clothes form permanently, doing all the actions with that outfit from then on. Another action to transform back may exist if desired, would still be a Transformation code.

  • Affordance / Interaction: The Shimeji includes at least one Interaction Action. Every Interaction has 3 subactions and needs at least two characters in the same bulk and each of them needs to have a subaction. One character A does a CALL (hey I wanna a hug!), the character B will HUNT for that call and will walk/run towards character A (coming to hug you!). Once they meet in the same spot, the Interaction happens (chara A hugs B).

  • Hotspot: The Shimeji includes at least one Action where you can TOUCH the character and make it react to your touch. This will cause a new action to happen. The area and action involved to be touched must be specified in the code.

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