What Is A Shimeji Anyway?

A Shimeji is a mascot for your computer screen.
And this mascot can have the appearance you want!
The Shimeji will move around your screen doing cute poses and animations,
you can even grab them with your mouse and interact with it!

So that's my task, to draw and animate all the actions of the wanted character!

Together we will make THE BEST ONES
Every supporter means a lot to me!

Thank you very much to all the people who make this possible.

System Compatibility

All Shimeji from this site will work in EVERY computer running Windows.
The Shimeji you will find in this site are NOT compatible with Macintosh. There was a compatible version long time ago but it's discontinued and I prefer my team focuses on Windows only.

So... How to use a Shimeji?

Here you have a video explanation of how to install and use Shimeji.
Summing up, you basically need the newest Java version and to press the .jar file from the Shimeji files you will download. Nothing else!

Possible troubles

Here you have a video explanation of the troubles you may get depending on your computer or if using a wrong Java version.

How to make older Shimeji work?

You may download Shimeji from out of this site, made by other artists and probably with a very old version of the Shimeji jar file with them. That old version only works with 32-bit Java 6, so you can imagine how old that is. To make sure they work on your device, we recommend you to use this tutorial. With 5 simple steps you will be able to update any old Shimeji.

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  1. 0133 - Evolvable Eevee
  2. Among Us
  3. Red Fox
  4. Sylveon NSFW+
  5. Rick the Eevee

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  1. Shimeji Campaign
  2. Tetsumon
  3. Natetheglaceon
  4. Bluelioneye1
  5. Piiefagg

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